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Fostering financial wisdom through relevant, engaging and shareable content that emotionally connects with your audience.

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Invite the “BeFi” Guy
to your next event

Take Behavioral Finance and financial wisdom to the next level within your organization and with your clients:

  • Help your leaders, employees, and clients understand concepts around behavioral economics that impact financial decision-making.  

  • Attract more attendees to your next corporate or public event, team-building offsite, or virtual conference with more purposeful and unique topics for discussion.

  • Improve and enhance your training and development programs with a conversation that helps explain how behavioral variability impacts critical decision-making.

  • Facts to consider: 83% of HR professionals reported that personal financial challenges had an impact on employee performance and more than 1 in 4 Americans (27%) admit not paying bills on time.*

*Source 1, Source 2

Content development 
and strategy

Your content should not just “sound good,” but “feel right” to your target audience:

  • Build content that is contextually appropriate, consistent, empathetic and responsible helps to inspire loyalty, advocacy, and preference.

  • When you connect with your audience emotionally, customer value increases by 52%, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied.* 

  • Improve retention in your training and development initiatives, including the creation of e-learning modules.

  • Boost the impact of your calls-to-action and engagement triggers such as automated messaging, email campaigns, and scripting.

  • Strengthen deliverables including brochures, websites, blogs, articles, presentations, animated videos, infographics, podcast productions and more.

  • When customers believe “you get me,” 77% are more likely to stick with your brand when missteps happen resulting from the increased trust.*

*Source 1, Source 2

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Sponsor a podcast 
season or episode

The FinWizdom podcast series is free to the public, and sponsorship has its benefits: 

  • Forge a meaningful relationship with your audience through an easily accessible communication channel.

  • Build loyalty in a medium that reaches a population that is higher than average in education, income, and fan base.

  • Promote your organization’s research and messaging through meaningful storytelling.

  • Show your support and advocacy for adult financial literacy.

  • Each episode is 20 minutes and promotes proactive listening—a time length studies have proven that people can learn and retain a new concept.

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