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Get Inspired, Get the Book
#1 International Best Seller

Improve your knowledge, feel more confident, and implement new habits when making financial decisions


  • If you have a personal passion or curiosity to understand why you do what you do with money

  • A must-have companion book for avid listeners of the FinWizdom podcast series

  • Use as a study guide or value-add resource for virtual and in-person classes that focus on behavioral economics and money management

  • Ideal for company training, off-site events, study groups and personal development. 

  • Promote and integrate into your own financial literacy and financial wellness programs.

  • An intelligent gift for all adults (young and old) and for all occasions (often life-changing events lead to a greater need to improve financial wellness)

  • Show your support of adult financial literacy and make this book part of your own personal journey

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